Off the grid trek

IMG-20150918-WA0012If you are looking to get off the beaten path, interact with local communities, see some of the most amazing views and jungle, and support ecotourism then this 3 or 4 day hike through the Sierra Nevada mountains is the trip for you!  You stay with local families living in the mountains, visit rocks with ancient indigenous carvings, get away from tourist crowds, have breathtaking views, hike to areas where the clouds are below you, have a chance to view the tallest mountain peak in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (Pico Colon) and on the last day travel through an active indigenous village.  For this trek you should to be in very good physical condition for hiking,.  Currently, we are the only company offering this trek.

This trek is a  remote jungle adventure,  one in which travelers may feel like timeless explorers discovering the land for the first time.  It is a beautiful place to have quiet time and reflect in the mountains.

To read a traveler’s experience of the trek, check out the blog entry of one of the first people to do the trek with us: Going Off the Grid.

Ancient indigenous rock carvings

IMG-20150918-WA0014 IMG-20150918-WA0048


This itinerary is subject to change based on the group and the guide (times may be shorter or longer based on the pace of the group, and the guide may decide to change things up a little bit).  We pick you up at 7 AM on day one, and it is possible we come back late in the evening on the last day (8 or 9 PM), return time will vary based on the hiking speed of the group.  Depending on the group size, part of the transportation might be in motorbikes (each person gets their own driver).

4 Day Trek: Day one is mainly uphill for 5-6 hours, one of your most difficult days of the hike.  Days two and three are up and down hiking for an average of 3-4 hours daily.  Day four is the longest hiking day of the trek.  It’s fairly flat for most of the 7 hour hike, the last hour or so is uphill.

3 Day Trek: The three day hike is the same as the 4 day, but combines day two and three, meaning 5-6 hours hiking on day one, 6-8 hours hiking on day two, and 7 hours hiking on day three.








You sleep in beds or hammocks at the homes of local farming families living in the mountains, a different family each night.  Most all meals are home cooked at the farms with the food they grow.

On the last day of the trek you pass by an active indigenous village.

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TPrices include all transport from where you are staying in Santa Marta and back, meals, non alcoholic beverages (such as drinking water), sleeping accommodation in beds or hammocks, and guide.  Mule or horse transportation is a possibility on some days of the trek, this would be additional to the tour price.